Karos Montage

A tall charasmatic man with grey eyes and dark hair with a slight blue tint


One misty morning, Karos and his friend <insert name here> came in on the prison barge into the great prison of Grenditch.  The warden, when asked later responded, "They were the only prisoners I ever admited to Grenditch with smiles on their faces."  No one knows for sure what happened but the next day, Karos and <insert name here> were gone along with the warden's and assistant warden's handsome handlebar mustaches.  There were rumours herd throughout the country side that two mustachiode men were seen riding away from the prison. 

Karos and <insert name here> went on to found the The Shadow Thief Adventuring Company.  Their adventure starts here.

Karos Montage

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