History of Iuz

In 479 CY, a minor despot in the Howling Hills left his domain to his “son,” a being known as luz. Within a handful of years, luz conquered all neighboring domains, setting up a small empire.

Tales told by fleeing refugees spoke of unmitigated evil, luz, the stories went, had built a road of skulls from the Howling Hills to his capital, Dorakaa. Worse, legend placed luz, also known as the Old One, as the offspring of an unholy union between witch and demon—-a towering cambion seven feet in height, driven by a thirst for blood and destruction.

Political struggles within Furyondy prevented its king from acting decisively in this period when the evil of luz might have been permanently checked. Instead, the cambion lord flourished until 505 CY, when he appeared to have vanished from Oerth.

In truth, he was imprisoned beneath Castle Greyhawk by the Mad Archmage Zagig Yragerne, former lord Mayor of the city of Greyhawk.

Two developments prevented Furyondy and its allies from declaring victory over luz at this time. The first involved the notorious Horde of Elemental Evil, a collection of cultists and villains headquartered at the Temple of Elemental Evil. The Horde were the puppets of Zuggtmoy, luz’s abyssal consort, who instructed them in bizarre teachings at the behest of her absent lover. The Horde was finally vanquished at the Battle of Emridy Meadows, in 569CY.

Furyondy’s second concern came from the north, where former servants of luz developed into fanatical zealots. In time, the leaders of these cults of luz displayed magical power, giving form to Furyondy’s worst fears. In 570 CY luz was freed from his imprisonment, and returned to his lands a demigod, more powerful than ever.


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