Endless Realms

Endless Realms is a campaign based on the generic D&D 3.5 setting of Greyhawk/Flanaess, with the concept that the material plane is infinite in scope, and so there are endless realms awaiting discovery, exploration, and adventure. Any rule books from 3.5 (except house rules/variant systems) are valid, and it all exists in the world somewhere.

For the beginnings of the campaign I will be using the information of the region of Flanaess from the D&D Gazetteer, and I will be posting information from the Gazetteer frequently to begin developing the world. So check in every once in a while and see what new information is up.

Also, I am trying to use the comments page as a way for everyone to leave any questions or comments they have, kind of like an unorganized forum. Go to the comments page for more information on this.

Here is the page for the Character Sheet Template.

Endless Realms

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