History of Aerdy: The Great Kingdom

Golden Age and Decline

Far to the east, the greatest Oeridian tribe, the Aerdi, conquered indigenous people and migrants alike. In time, their kingdom, Aerdy, conquered the whole eastern Flanaess. The Aerdy leader was crowned Overking and decreed that his land should henceforth be known as the Great Kingdom. The Great Kingdom declared the birth of a new calendar, and with the Declaration of Universal Peace, the sun arose in the east on the first day of the first Common Year.

Imperial Aerdy eventually encompassed holdings as far west as modern-day Veluna, controlling the southern Nyr Dyv with a small garrison at an insignificant trading post known as Greyhawk.

Eventually, the Aerdi overkings grew lax, caring more for local prestige and wealth than the affairs of distant vassals. As sovereigns passed, each was replaced by one more dimwitted and incompetent, until the outer lands of Aerdy began to declare independence. Furyondy, Veluna, Perrenland, Tenh, and others broke away from the ineffectual Overkings, creating their own governments.

By 356 CY, the ruling dynasty was especially decadent. In response, the western province of Nyrond declared itself free from the Great Kingdom, and elected one of their own as king. Armies gathered from all loyal Aerdy provinces to suppress this treason. At this time, however, barbarians from the north raided Aerdy’s North Province, forcing the Overking to divert troops from the western front. Nyrond survived.

Turmoil Between Crowns

The survival of Aerdy’s loyal subjects, however, became very much at risk in 439 CY, when the upstart House of Naelax murdered the entire reigning House of Rax in a series of gruesome civil wars. Within a decade, Ivid I of Naelax was the undisputed Overking of Aerdy. Ivid was rumored to be in league with powerful evil outsiders. The Malachite Throne of the Great Kingdom became known as the Fiend-Seeing Throne, and the once mighty kingdom became a bastion of evil and cruelty.


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