The Flanaess is the easternmost portion of the continent of Oerik.

Climate and Seasons

Except in the northern latitudes, winter temperatures in the Flanaess seldom fall below freezing except during the two winter months, and at night during early spring and late autumn. In the depths of winter, temperatures reaches the freezing point for a few days, and then gradual warming begins. Summer in the central lands lasts five or more months. Prevailing winds tend to be from the northeast in the winter and autumn, from the east and southeast at other times. Most areas of the Flanaess have sufficient rainfall to assure abundant crops.

Beyond Flanaess

Scholars from the Flanaess tell us that Oerik is but the greatest of four continents, and that the four great oceans surround them. Beyond that, most people believe that the world simply ends, and that if one was to sail there they would fall off of Oerth and fall into the Abyss.

Almost nothing is known of the lands beyond the Flanaess, and only little is understood of the regions above and below.


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