Twin Cataclysms

Just over one thousand years ago, two ancient western empires, the Suel and the Baklunish, were enmeshed in titanic conflict, known as the Great War. The root of animosity between them is lost, but the result of their final battle haunts even the modern historian.

The Great War

After sixty-three years of conflict, the Suloise Mages of Power called down the Invoked Devastation on the Baklunish, resulting in an apocalypse so complete that its true form remains unknown. Entire cities, nations, and millions of people were purged from the Oerth, leaving no sign of the great civilization that once thrived north of the Sulhaut Mountains.

In retaliation, a cadre of Baklunish Mage-Priests brought the Rain of Colorless Fire on their hated enemies. The skies above the Suloise Empire opened, and all beneath were burned to ash.

These catastrophes came to be called the Twin Cataclysms, and the Dry Steppes and the Sea of Dust are geographical reminders of that unbridled power.

The Great Migrations

Thousands survived the Twin Cataclysms by fleeing east over the Crystalmists in the early years of the conflict. The Oeridians, a confederation of tribes nestled between the empires, took the wars as a sign from their gods to continue migrating far to the east. They were the first to enter the lands they called the Flanaess.

Soon, Suloise refugees followed, sometimes working with the Oeridians, but more often warring with them. For more than two centuries, Suel and Oeridian battled for conquest of the Flanaess. The Suel often lost, and they found themselves pushed to the periphery of the Flanaess.

Though some Baklunish folk migrated east, many more fled north to the mountains, or to the shores of the Dramidj Ocean, where their ancient cultures flourish to this day in the lands of Ket, Zeif and Tusmit.

Twin Cataclysms

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